Politica del Pluriverso


Arturo Escobar, Autor of: Pluriversal Politics.

the real and the possible (Duke Press. 2020)

En conversación

Emanuel Rozental, Cirujano, autor y activista en movimientos indígenas y populares del continente.


Iván Várgas.

Mgill University. Canada

Simone Ferrari.

Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá

Miguel Rocha Vivas.

Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá

Miguel Rojas Sotelo.

Duke University. USA

Note: this is a multilingual conversation about the latest book of Arturo Escobar.

In Pluriversal Politics Arturo Escobar engages with the politics of the possible and how established notions of what is real and attainable preclude the emergence of radically alternative visions of the future. Reflecting on the experience, philosophy, and practice of indigenous and Afro-descendant activist-intellectuals and on current Latin American theoretical-political debates, Escobar chronicles the social movements mobilizing to defend their territories from large-scale extractive operations in the region. He shows how these movements engage in an ontological politics aimed at bringing about the pluriverse—a world consisting of many worlds